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We work with rusty and old scrap. and after melting the old piece of rusty metal, the piece turns into a liquid metal, this liquid goes inside a mold to make the model of the old melted piece, the mold is completed with the liquid metal and after the liquid metal piece solidifity, forming the model of the old piece, but how we take the liquid metal to the mold, for this, is built a set of ducts called feeding system, a filler receives the metal liquid, a vertical duct takes the metal from the filler to the distribution hopper, between the lowering tube and the small distribution hopper has a leak basin, where the liquid metal goes out, in the distribution hopper, the metal is distributed to the tubes and they carry the metal to the mold cavity, for receive the liquid metal is needed a mold, this mold is often made by sand, and the process is utilized with green sand, the sand resists to high temperatures, the bentonite (a substance like green sand) is mixed with green sand to the mold be resistant. water and sand is added to make more moldability. now they started the process with the molding box, the model plaque is placed between the molding boxes, fit some screws on the box, the powder help on the exctraction of the model after compacting the sand, later add and compact green sand. later, let a duct for the down chute, add the powder, and compact the superior box, remove the model and the small tube only rest the empty part for dump the liquid metal.

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- This job is made in a Chemical lab, not at the Smelter's Yard.